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Help Nikola take her first steps!

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Help Nikola take her first steps!


Nikola is an adorable 4 and a half year old girl . She was born after she enjoyed a normal pregnancy, a normal delivery as well as a normal postnatal period. Initially Nikola then was a very happy and active baby. She was able to roll over independently and prop on forearms and lift her head up. 


Nikola is our second child. She has an older brother aged 9 who adores his little sister.


When Nikola was 7 months old she was vaccinated with a DTap/IPV/Hib and PCV vaccine to which she reacted really badly. After a few days she became unwell and she was admitted to her local hospital for some primary investigations. We were told that Nikola  motor development was delayed and that her muscle tone had decreased. She became floppy.


The medical tests started and we tried to find the source of the condition to no avail. In spite of numerous tests at Great Ormond Street Hospital including MRI, EMG, CGH, metabolic test and many others, the doctors were unable to diagnose Nikola.


Nikola has motor delay, central and peripheral hypotonia, poor balance and coordination and speech and language difficulties. Further tests will be done at the Genetics Clinic to find the diagnosis and the cause.


Nikola recently, however, has made remarkable progress and she become more independent. She is a very happy child with a great potential. She is able to sit up unaided, she crawls like a little soldier and she has started to say her first words. 


From a very early age Nikola has had regular physiotherapy. Only regular and intensive physiotherapy will allow us to reach the ultimate goal, to see our daughter take her first step. Unfortunately, the NHS has withdrawn funding for private physiotherapy for our daughter so the only way it can take is through private funding.


Should we exceed the target amount or if we do not raise  enough  funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reason, the funds raised will go to the general  funds of Tree of Hope to assist other sick children.

Please help us to help Nikola by supporting  our Help Nikola take her first steps!


Change a little girl's life for the future. Thank you!


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