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Hi everyone this is all about my youngest daughter `Emine`. Emine was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 10 months old, a hugh shock for all of us. Emine is a bright bubbly 3 year old who walks {on tiptoes} with the help of a walking frame. Emine had botox the end of july which has helped a lot but unfortunately botox doesn`t last long and the more times you have the less effective it is. The plan now is to get an opperation in Bristol {frenchey} called S.D.R {Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy}. This operarion will reduce the spasticity in her legs thus giving Emine the chance to walk flat footed. The operation cost at the moment £23,500 and is not funded by our local NHS {its been considered} but even if its funded we still need money for post op after care and physio. So please look at the pictures of Emine and see if you can spare a few pounds to give her the chance to dance like her big sister. thankyou

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