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Liam meets Gok

World of Difference Induction Day

Thursday 28th February 2013

The Pavilion, Vodafone HQ

The World of Difference UK programme gives 500 people the chance to work for their dream charity, and get paid. Over the years The Vodafone Foundation have helped hundreds of people donate their skills and experience to the charities of their choice.

JustTextGiving – give your fundraising a boost

JTG overview – Christian Cull, Director of Corporate Communications

Text donations, the opportunity – Andy Hamflett, Director, Spring Giving

JTG in practice with Liam’s story – Jeremy Marris, CEO, Tree of Hope

Open Questions and Answers  JTG

Keynote speakers

Simon Weston – Falklands war veteran, author, public speaker and charity supporter

Sophie Andrews – CEO Sliver Line and Former Chair of the Samaritans

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