Lewis' Fund- HelpLewis to Talk

Thanks for taking the time to visit my Just Giving page.

My family are raising funds for therapy services  to help me to be able to communicate my wants and needs and to talk to my friends.

I am 15 years old and was born with a rare genetic condition which affects my whole body. I can't move independently but I can  communicate and I understand everything you say to me.  I use an eye-gaze communication aid to talk. I am  learning to express myself clearly and to find the words I need to chat to my friends. I am also beginning to use my communication aid to search the internet, access YouTube and to text my friends and family. 

I love playing with my brother and my friends. I play with Avenger characters, wrestlers and lots of board games. The money raised will help to pay for speech therapy so that I can continue to learn to use my eye-gaze communication aid to chat to my friends. 

Thank you for supporting me

Lewis x

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