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Leicester teen needs funds to help with life-threatening skin condition

A desperate Leicester family are fundraising for their 14-year-old son who has a severe skin condition which leaves him unable to attend mainstream school or even hold a pen.

Muhammad Bulbulia, 14, who lives in Highfield has always suffered from mild eczema. However in 2019 his skin condition deteriorated significantly and he became unable to do normal day to day activities, go to school or play football. He was admitted to hospital twice when his skin became infected and diagnosed with erythroderma – a severe inflammatory skin disease which can potentially be life-threatening.

He was prescribed methotrexate which is often prescribed to cancer patients, but it didn’t improve his condition and he suffered bad side effects.

The family are not spending around £1,000 on private treatment to help alleviate Muhammad’s discomfort while they wait for a new NHS appointment in March.

Dad Abu, 39, a quality technologist for a food manufacturing company said: ‘Muhammad’s condition is very distressing for all of us. He can barely fall asleep at night due to the intense scratching, blood and weeping from his skin. Every morning his bed is covered in flaked off skin.’

‘We have found a clinic which provides creams and herbal sachets which help alleviate his condition a little while we wait for a new appointment – but this costs us around £1,000 each month. I have tried to bear this myself but I also have a family to support and a mortgage to pay, so it is becoming increasingly difficult.’

‘Looking after Muhammad takes up a lot of time as he can do so little for himself – it is almost like looking after a baby. He missed so much school he now goes to the hospital school two or three half days per week when he is well enough, as this is a more flexible option.’

‘We just want our son to be able to lead a normal life and be back to the way he was, but in the meantime, using these creams at least helps keep him more comfortable.’

The family is being supported by children’s charity Tree of Hope which helps families fundraise for children like Muhammad with healthcare needs and provides charity status to benefit from gift aid, corporate support whilst also providing donor reassurance.

Gill Gibb, Tree of Hope CEO said: ‘We’re delighted to be helping the Bulbulia family with fundraising for Amélie. We wish Amélie and Freddy all the best in the Mini Great North Run!’

If you would like to donate to Muhammad’s fund, please visit


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