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Leamington Raft Race

Innovaré Systems are entering two teams to compete in the Leamington Raft Race on June, Saturday 14th. We will design, build and man the rafts in order to race 3 miles at the Leamington Rotary.

Our chosen charity will be Tree of Hope so they can help Tristan, the son of our Technical Manager Sam Dawe, to raise money for his son’s spinal surgery.  Tristan has cerebral palsy which means he finds it hard to control the muscles in his legs due to stiffness caused by brain damage just after he was born. This operation will ease the stiffness and make it easier for him to walk but due to budget cuts is no longer funded by the NHS.

It should be a fun day, where friends and family can (hopefully) enjoy the sunshine while our volunteer crew prove exactly how long a SIP panel can survive in water. Essentially, it’s research!


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