Lacey Grace Risdon

Lacey is 11 months old from Leeds. She is a happy smiley baby who has been through several operations and has spent a great deal of her life in hospital. Lacey is fed through a permanent feeding tube called a gastro ostramy as she can’t take oral feeds. She has poor muscle tone which specialists think is due to the loss of her twin that we lost at 17 weeks gestation. Lacey is having to have genetic testing,she has intense physio daily, and is on numerous medications for her bowels.

We are fundraising for Tree ofHope as Lacey has plagiocephaly 'flat head syndrome'. This is not able to turn her head due to the stiffness of the muscles in her neck.

The cranial helmet will not only help improve the shape of the side and back of Lacey’s head but will also help with the shape of her forehead, which in turn will help the alignment of her facial features.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.

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