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Leveraging the power of Social Media for Fundraising!

Social Media

Using Social Media can really help spread the word about your campaign quickly and is a great place to get your fundraising campaign rolling.

Many families set up Twitter and Facebook pages specifically names after their campaigns. For example ‘@Harryswishhtowalk’. This ensures that supporters can see regular updates on the progression of your fundraising and your child’s development. Its key to keep people engaged as you never know who may donate again or choose you as the beneficiary of their fundraiser.

…. Don’t forget to include the link to your Tree of Hope we page in the ‘About’ or ‘Bio’ section so people can find your page easily.

Like, follow, tweet and message…

Communities, groups and individuals love to get behind a local cause. Ensuring you engage with you supporters, local community pages and local influencers and celebrities would be really good start in raising awareness of your campaign in your local area.

Your engagement keeps you relevant in people’s minds and reminds them that your campaign is there. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fundraising related!

Photos, Videos and Polls…

It’s proven that in this day an age when we are bombarded with information from every aspect of life that videos and images catch our attention much more than just words.

It only has to be a quick snap from your visit to the park or a short video clip shot on your phone at swimming or physiotherapy for it to be easily uploaded onto Facebook or Twitter to engage your followers. This way supporters are more likely to connect with you and your campaign and perhaps spread the word to friends, family or share on Facebook. The potential to reach many more people who may support you on your fundraising journey.

Share your updates with us…

We share our family’s stories on our social media platforms to help your campaign reach a wider audience, so get in touch if you have an update or your child has achieved something as we would love to share your journey updates!

Finding the time…

Social media can be time consuming and often complicated (especially when you have to get that tweet into 120 characters!) so, many of our parents often delegate the responsibility to a friend or family member or maybe even a trusted volunteer who is willing to offer their time. This takes the pressure off of you, with the knowing that your story is being spread.

There are also many free tools available online to help you organise your campaigns and schedule your message’s for the future. You can load and monitor your tweets on or monitor all your channels with These can be very helpful it keeping it all organised and ensuring the platforms you choose are being regularly updated- especially if you have a large event coming up.

You can follow us on twitter here..

You can follow us on Instagram by searching.. @treeofhopecc

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Don’t forget to mention us in your tweets and posts so we know what brilliant fundraising activities you have been up to and fantastic milestones you have been hitting!

We hope this page has given you a brief outline on where to start with your Social Media adventure.. Contact us for a copy of our complete social media guide!

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