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Kallie’s Hope Hits £40,000 Fundraising Target!

Kallie's Hope

This weekend Kallie’s Hope, a campaign to get Kallie life changing operation SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) hit their target of £40,000!

Kallie and her family joined Tree of Hope in 2016 to raise £40,000 for life changing surgery with their campaign Kallie’s Hope. SDR is an operation in which nevers are cut in the lower back. Therefore, this improves spasticity (muscle stiffness) in the legs which helps patients to become more mobile and pain free. Most notably, it often gives children the opportunity to walk. Unfortunately, this operation is currently not available via the UK healthcare system meaning Kallie’s family decided to fundraise for it.

As well as having cerebral palsy Kallie also suffers with a congenital heart condition. Consequently, this meant that it was a race against time for Kallie to have her SDR operation. Fundraising went instantly into full swing!  With a huge thanks to many supporters and fundraisers including lots of wonderful friends and family, the brilliant Auto Trader Team who cycled hundreds of miles for Kallie’s campaign (Ride for Kallie) , and The Jack O’Donnell Foundation and The Stars Foundation who gave grants, Kallie’s campaign has hit her fundraising target. She will now be going for her her vital surgery at the beginning of July at Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

Kate, Tree of Hope’s Fundraising Manager had the pleasure of meeting charismatic Kallie and her lovely family at Auto Trader’s Ride for Kallie event in May. Here is what she had to say…

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