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Kain's Head Start Fundraising

  • Hello My name is Kain, I was born with torticollis, Which means the muscles in my neck were tight and this caused my head to lean to one side, I could not put my head straight or turn my head at all, This was the case until I had physiotherapy to help strengthen the muscles in my neck. I can now hold my head up straight and use it like everybody else however, Having this condition caused pressure on my skull as i could not move it, It caused my skull to become completely flat at the back of my head.
  • Plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome as it is more commonly known, is not something the NHS will fund treatment for, We are baby's and did not choose to have this, But still this is the way it is, So my mummy and daddy are trying to raise £2500 which is the cost of treatment for me.
  • Treatment will involve a specially made helmet moulded to my head shape and then over time adjusted to allow for my growing, I will need to wear this helmet for 23 hours per day, But that is ok as it will help my head to become back to normal shape, Also there is some evidence to suggest that untreated flat head syndrome can cause developmental problems for me when I am older.
  •  The only thing is as mummy and daddy were told it would rectify itself, It has been left untreated and now I must have the helmet fitted before I am 14 months old for the treatment to work, I am now 10 months old, so I only have a maximum of 4 months to have my helmet fitted for it to be effective, Here's hoping every body's help can get even close to our target that would be amazing.
  • I hope people who read this understand my story and why my mummy and daddy need this support, And I would like to thank you very much for reading my story, Even if you cannot help financially, You have helped raise awareness just by reading this :)
Thank You

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