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Johnny takes part in the very first Cybathlon!

When Johnny was just sixteen he suffered a tragic accident. After landing awkwardly when doing a somersault on a friends trampoline, he broke his neck. Johnny is now paralysed from chest down and has limited movements in has hands. Tree of Hope have supported Johnny and his family in their fundraising over the last year to get him the wheelchair and specialist support he needs.











On October the 8th in Zurich, Switzerland the very first Cybathlon is taking place (or Bionic Olympics as it is often referred to). The Cybathlon will have contestants all over the world taking part usingrobotic exoskeletons, electronic arms, powered wheelchairs and other tech.

One of the key concepts of the event is to show how technology can help people with physical disabilities in every day tasks. Some of the events at the Cybathlon will include slicing bread, climbing stairs and putting washing out.





BerkelBike Johnny BerkelBike Johnny BerkelBike Johnny


You can find out more about Johnny’s story and donate here.

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