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Joe’s Wish to Talk!

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Joe is a happy, enthusiastic little boy, and is in the process of being diagnosed with ASD, a developmental disorder involving impairments in communication and social understanding. Joe like most three-year olds would love nothing more than to communicate verbally but due to his condition, he is unable to speak at the moment, so his family have joined Tree of Hope to raise funds for speech and language therapy. Despite his difficulties, Joe is a clever little stick who loves numbers, patterns, looking at books, musical instruments and discovering how things work.

Joe has also been attending ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) this year for 4 hours a month, but with the help of Tree of Hope, the hope is to increase this to 6-9 hours a week to ensure he gets the best intervention possible to help his developments.

Joe’s family are aiming to raise £13,000 which they have had a terrific start in making progress with this year. This has been supported by a grant from the Jack O’Donnell Foundation so huge thanks to everyone who have made this possible for Joe and his family. The family look forward to continuing their fundraising next year in the hope that they can reach their target!

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