Jenson's Journey

Jenson has just turned 8 and has Cerebral Palsy - Hemiplegia which affects his right side. We embarked on a huge fundraising effort 3 years ago to get him surgery in America and needed to raise in excess of £50,000. This was a massive success and thanks to all your generosity we smashed this target enabling us to date to keep funding strength and conditioning sessions and ongoing physio and aftercare courses to achieve the full potential out of the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery he had in March 2013. The surgery has changed his life, he no longer has spasticity in his right leg, his foot is flat and the difference is remarkable. So here we are again embarking on stage 2......

****** September 2015 Jenson's SDR surgery as you all know has been an amazing success and we thank you all so much for your continued support! Some of you may have heard a short while ago that we found a surgeon based in Manchester that specialises in surgery of the upper limbs in children with cerebral palsy. He is a private surgeon and despite our best efforts the local Clinical Commissioning Group Nhs will not grant Jenson the funding for his affected Upper Right Limb. So here we are again back to the drawing board and embarking on what seems like the 2nd part to Jenson's Journey trying to raise £15,000 to cover this surgery and aftercare that the NHS again refuses to fund, disappointed is an understatement. We plan to appeal but will keep you all updated on progress. Thanks xxxx

December 2016.
The 1st phase of Jensons hand/arm surgery was a great success the positioning of his wrist now looks just like any child his age without a disability and the movement and strength improves week by week. His fingers also are straighter and he has more control.
Phase 2 now beckons once the funds have been raised, thank you for everyone's continued support, here is hoping next year his thumb which sits tucked in his palm can be corrected and the contracture in his elbow also straightened alongside allowing Jenson to turn his arm from palm up to palm down. It's the little things that make a difference and you don't realise how often you use these movements until you try and achieve simple tasks.

Target now updated to reflect funds for 2nd phase of surgeries 

You can also donate by text JJNY99 followed by the amount to 70070

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