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James Takes Miracle First Steps!

James Stronger and Stronger. For website


James’ Story- Stronger and Stronger

James arrived 8 weeks early into the world by emergency C Section. He spent five weeks in the Neonatal Unit becoming stronger and stronger each day. However, James now suffers with Cerebral Palsy, mild brain damage and Spastic Diplegia. Since receiving this news, his family set out to raise funds for James so he could get life changing treatment to enable him to walk. You can read more of James Story here.

On the 31st July 2014 James was deemed the perfect candidate to have Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). SDR is a procedure in which is used to improve spasticity in children with Cerebral Palsy, and in most cases, enabling them to walk. After months of pre-operative therapy, James finally got his operation date for February 2016.

James never lets anything get in the way of his happiness and determination, and in the five months of intense rehabilitation and recovery time since his operation in February, James has taken his first steps, and walked for the first time unaided! This is a huge milestone for James and his family, where what was initially thought impossible has become possible. Well done James! His mother Vicki ha says ‘Seeing him take unaided steps is a miracle and without SDR surgery and the money for the aftercare it would never be possible for him to achieve.’ You can watch him take his very first steps below.. Go James!

Unfortunately, due to the prolonged tightness in his legs prior to SDR, James has recently been told he will need one final procedure, ‘PERCS’. This cuts the hamstrings in his legs and will make walking easier for him. This also means James will need even more extensive rehabilitation.

Tree of Hope have so far supported James and his family to raise over £50,000 for his treatment and they will be kicking off their next fundraising chapter to raise funds for James’ post-operative physio therapy, hydrotherapy and cryotherapy.  You can donate to James’ campaign here. 

James’ mum Vicki says ‘Tree of Hope has been a massive support these past few years and have been happy to talk anytime I’ve had some queries. I would have not been able to set up my son’s appeal without all the team at ToH.’

Tree of Hope are so proud to support so many children like James and will be continuing to support James through his post-SDR therapies and treatments to ensure the surgery is most effective.

Tree of Hope helps children and young people with a disability or illness by supporting their families to raise the funds that they need to pay for specialist care that is not available freely through the UK health care system. If you would like support and advice on starting your fundraising campaign our family support team are available on 01892 535252 or via email on

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