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Jake is 11 years old and at just 19 months old was diagnosed with Dystonia Spastic Cerebral Palsy in all 4 limbs, caused by brain damage. Jake and his family joined Tree of Hope in 2016 to help fundraise for vital therapies and equipment. We caught up with Ruth Jake’s Mum to see how they’re getting on and what they’ve been up to!

Playing on his computer games with his little brother Jamie and also teaching Maddie the family dog tricks and taking her for walks.

Jake’s family have been fortunate enough to have an amazing community that have got behind his campaign. Jake’s Mum Ruth told us that they use Facebook to keep all their followers informed with events and Jake’s progress, which they have found to be really useful.

Fundraising has been quite full on for Jake’s campaign and Mum Ruth has worked incredibly hard (as all of our families do), but she told us they are really pleased they have persevered. A Family Fun day was organised and too place in August 2017 which was a huge success despite lots of time juggling family life and fundraising. The family host weekly bake sale’s at Jake’s little brother’s Jamie’s school, they fundraise with Terra Recycling and have donation boxes located in their local community with various businesses and shop fronts. Ruth told us “Fundraising is difficult sometimes with looking after Jake and his brother as well but it’s always worth it in the end as Jake’s therapies are so important, we just always need to be doing whatever we can to help him.”

Jamie recently took part in a swimathon along with lots of other volunteers in support for his big brother. Jamie, who was a beginner swimmer, challenged his two-length target and completed in then end an amazing 40 lengths! So huge congratulations on his fantastic achievement!

With the family having worked hard with their fundraising, means Jake is able to access regular physiotherapy with his trainer Dan at PT Kids. Dan goes into school every Tuesday to see Jake and visits him at home during school holidays. “Jake and Dan have built such a good rapport and Dan always manages to get Jake to work by keeping him engaged and interested through things that he likes. Jake loves diggers so Dan uses things like this to keep Jake interested which makes such a difference” Ruth also explained, “Jake doesn’t have many opportunities to take part in physical activities as he is restricted to his chair and walking frame which meant his strength has really suffered in the past, but he is now getting really strong and can push up onto all fours from the floor which he could never do!”. Jake’s family hope to increase his physiotherapy to two a week with increased fundraising activity which they look to do more next year.

Jake is now at an age where independence is important, explained Ruth. Through their fundraising, they have recently been able to purchase an all-terrain wheelchair which will be life changing for Jake and the rest of the family. “As a family we are restricted” explained Ruth, who said as a family they have found it quite difficult in finding places to go where Jake can join in family activities. “His new chair means he’ll be able to walk our dog Maddie who he loves leading and spending time with and teaching her tricks!” The new chair also means they can all now go to the beach without Jake having to watch from afar. “It’s sometimes the simplest things that make all the difference that we all take for granted and Jake can now join in with us all which is so important for his happiness” explained Ruth.

Jake has had lots of operations throughout his life and is due a hip operation early next year which will help with his standing, walking and reduce the chance of injury to his hip. A procedure will always require the need for his therapies to continue and to give him various pieces of equipment to support his development which the family will be continuing their fundraising for. Ruth told us what being with the Tree of Hope means to them and how it has helped their campaign, “It gives people the confidence to donate, gift aid being a great benefit as well and it just ensures the funds are spent within the charity objects for Jake which is good for us to be able to tell people.”

Jake has cerebral palsy, so his family and community have come together to fundraise for physiotherapy and specialist equipment that will enable Jake to develop and give him a better future.

To find out about how Tree of Hope could support you and your family to fundraise contact Georgie or Lee in our family support team on 01892 535525 or via

To read more of Jake’s story and support him head here. 

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