A head start for Jesse

"I'm 11 month old baby Jesse!
I have had a difficult start, I have been allergic to nearly all forms of milk since I was born. I spent my first few months drastically underweight and covered in hives whilst Dr's have debated over the best course of action for me. Finally at 6 months old I was able to regularly drink corn milk pain and allergy free! Drs said my weight and subsequently development had been massively affected though :-( 
I am now currently on the verge of crawling, I have recently had the all clear from specialists regarding any other issues too!

Through this already difficult time we have been aware Jesses head has not developed and rounded as it should have. This has been a concern to us since he was 4 months, the Drs response is "it will fill out with time" in the more recent appointments we have mentioned the possibility of treatment or a helmet that had been rumoured, to which even one of the top paediatrics said it has plenty of time to grow out (9 months old).
To put our own fears at rest we visited an expert in the private sector Sandie Waddell (technologyinmotion).
Unfortunately, but at last Sandie gave us the real news, his head is severely plagiocephaly and severely brachycephaly and if we had consulted her 4 months ago the results could have been from the 100th to the 50th centile. The NHS neither funds or recognises this condition, Drs and GPs are briefed to give the same standard answer "it will sort itself out". The internet is littered with stories of parents who have been fobbed off by the NHS and now their child has a misshapen head for life as their skulls have set.
We are raising money for this fantastic charity that helps all kinds of children with all kinds of problems, a truly noble cause. They are helping fund Jesse with a bespoke helmet or "Timband" to help shape his head back into a normal range.

Thank you for reading his story. 

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