Islas Walking Dream, Raising Funds for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy

Isla is 3 years of age! Due to her premature birth she suffered a bleed to her brain which has left her with catastrophic brain damage to her frontal lobes, Isla has cerebral Palsy with 4 limb involvement, when she was just a few days old we got told Isla would never walk, but Isla is strong and we just don't believe it though she has never walked in her life she has a dream not just to walk but to run, and jump unfortunately the operation witch could make this dream reality called selective dorsal rhizotomy is not available on the NHS. Due to this Cheltenham and Bristol hospital have advised us to fundraise to have the operation privately so far we have raised £31,000 of the £80,000 over all needed we thank everyone for all their amazing support getting us this far😍.

The overall amount of £80,000 will cover the cost of, the Sdr operation costing between £30,000-£45,000 due to possible ham strong surgery needed to compliment Sdr surgery.

A trike to compliment therapy £3,000
Weekly hydro therapy £40.00
Weekly pt sessions £70.00
Monthly 3 day intensive physio courses £380.00
Treadmill £1,000 -£2,000
Therapy bench large £350.00
Flights to America £2,000
3 week hotel stay £1,000
And any other coatings required to support Isla after the operation therapy wise to improve her over wellbeing and fitness.

Islas suffers sever tightening in her adductors and hamstrings making movement of her legs almost impossible and standing more painful then she can bare, the Sdr operation will change all this for Isla and is helping other children live fully mobile lives witch is all we could ever hope for !

To be able to give Isla the gift of mobility and see her laugh and play with friends and free from the restrictions of her wheel chair would be a dream and wish come true for all of us who know Isla and care for her she is such a happy girl and try's to enjoy life to the full .....

Isla has started to suffer from prolonged seizures during the night which start when everyone is asleep, in order to alert parents to her having a seizure we have been advised to obtain an epilepsy alarm, which after months of fighting the NHS won't supply, we therefore are having to fund privately.

Thank you for reading our pinned post , if you can help Isla and her fund in anyway please do contact us
Jason Mobile 07709694272 (Islas dad)
Web site


Text IHWD99 £5.00 to 70070

Thank you love Islas mum and dad👣

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