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My name is Isabelle but you can all call me 'Izzie' I am 9yrs old.

when I was inside my mummy's tummy I had fits which is very rare and we don't know why this happened but it led to me being born with diplegia cerebral palsy. This means I can't walk without my walking frame and when I get tired or I am on one of my shopping spree's  I use a wheelchair, I also have a right sided weakness, bladder and bowel problems. 

When the neurologist told my mummy and daddy I had CP he also told them he didn't know what my prognosis would be and that it was down to my own determination and their support . If you know my mummy and daddy you will know they are very tough and determined! they did hours and hours of hydro and physio, they have taken me to hundreds of hospital appointments locally and in London, they hold my hand every time I have another test or general anesthetic.  Along with all this and sign language courses plus a dose of 'tough love' I have done amazingly. I don't stop talking, I can swim, I am an orange belt at judo and I am a  brownie basically I live life to the full.

 I want to carry on doing all the these things, so I need intensive physio to maintain my  mobility to enable me to do this and also to reach my dream of becoming a pediatrician.

 My mummy has spina bifida occult and last year had to have spinal cord surgery and now can't do physio with me at home.  So as a family we have decided and to try  fund raise to put a cabin in our garden full of equipment like a treadmill and exercise bike and to pay for a private physio to do regular.  It will mean I can also have fun doing my physiotherapy and my sister Amelia and friends can join in.

I have just had orthopedic surgery to my knees and in a few weeks I am going to have more surgery to both my legs and feet. The surgeon and nurses will do their jobs and mine will be to get mobile again, but this will be difficult without the physiotherapy and local resources just don't meet my needs. 

Thank you for supporting my journey

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