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Her glowing spirit

Dan Morrissey, born in London but no wliving in Wiltshire, has been a musician, songwriter and composer for 28 years, playing and touring in bands such as Atomgod, Tantric and God’s Little Joke, and having tracks played live by such luminaries as Jeff Beck.

His music, often intense, high energy, fiery, adrenaline fuelled guitar and writing style, is influenced by bands such as Rush, Foo Fighters and Thin Lizzy. But, he also writes beautiful, atmospheric ambient and modern orchestral pieces by Beethoven and Rossini.

“I read last week about Harmonie Rose’s story. It made me very sad but when I saw the photo of her little face post-surgery, I could see her bright eyes and her glowing spirit.”

I am a composer for a living so I wrote Harmonie Rose a little tune.

I have a two year old daughter of my own and could see a similar, overwhelmingly beautiful spirit in Harmonie Rose as my own daughter, Minnie.

Harmonie Rose is a little fighter and I hope one day Harmonie Rose can hear it, and that one day she will know and understand that she inspired it’s creation.”


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