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Helping Denecia dance

This is Denecia. She is 7 years old from London and like me has Cerebral Palsy. Also like me, it makes her legs wobbly, and like me she would one day like to dance!

She can only do that with our help.

Her mummy and daddy want to raise as much money as possible to fly her and her dancing feet to America for pioneering surgery so that she can reach her dreams, something those who know me will know was the sole motivation for my own surgery in August last year.

During surgery I made a promise to my friends that when this was all over I would start being 26. This meant doing everything I ever wanted to do.

So I booked a bungee jump for August 26th. I will be jumping from 160 feet in Manchester with the aid of Ican Experiences. Admittedly initially it was all about being 26 and finally chasing some dreams, but if I can help Denecia dance in the process, how much better is that? Chasing someone else’s dreams while making my own happen!

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