Helping our baby Joshua make a marvellous recovery

About Joshua

Our baby Joshua has evolving right-sided hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that is likely to affect his movement on the right-side of his body.

We have started vital physio therapy sessions; early intervention is widely known to make a huge difference to children's lives and will make a massive difference to the way that Joshua moves and the quality of his life as a child, teenager and adult. 

NHS physiotherapy support has been minimal and since the pandemic - non existent.  All funds raised here will go towards Joshua’s private physiotherapy sessions. 

We have made some strides forward in just a couple of months - Joshua has a greater range of movement in his right. 

Joshua is a very bright and cheerful little boy. He loves people and interacting and babbles and laughs every day. 

With the right treatment - we are confident that we have a real chance for Joshua to make a marvellous recovery from his very traumatic start and to lead an independent, productive and happy life.

Our story:

After our first child Joshua was born a few weeks early, we were referred for an MRI scan due to the difficult nature of the delivery (Placental abruption and fetal-maternal haemorrhage where he lost a very significant amount of blood. He was in the NICU and SCBU for 5 days and received two blood transfusions.) 

To our amazement the MRI scan results showed that he pulled through the birth ok, but suffered a perinatal stroke in the womb. We have been told this was unrelated to the birth and the cause is unknown. The full health implications are a high probability of developing right-sided hemiplegia, some loss of vision on the right side and possible epilepsy can occur later.

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