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Donate to Tree of Hope today so that we can continue to help children

We help to relieve the burden on our NHS. Donate to our Emergency Appeal today

Tree of Hope Children’s Charity, is reaching out to you for support of our Emergency Appeal.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 gripping the UK, the urgency of our Appeal is significant.

Following an emergency budget meeting today, and in a scenario where we anticipate fundraising streams not going back to more normal levels until late July/August, Tree of Hope needs to raise £100,000 to support the charity through the next 6 months.

We fundraise for all of our core costs every year (receiving no government funding) and losing so many income streams at once is already having a huge impact on our finances.

With all fundraising and challenge events being cancelled and many of our corporate and community supporters unable to meet previously anticipated donations; we are urgently appealing for your help with alternative core funding, to make up the deficit caused by this crisis.

As a children’s healthcare charity, supporting families who have a child/children with a serious illness or disability; it is imperative that we keep our family support services running and that our team can continue to offer emotional support and advice, to our families, in these exceptional and difficult times.

On behalf of the Tree of Hope Team, Families and Children, Thank You!

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