ORSON , we chose this name for reason the name means bear cub and he’s very strong baby just like one of the cubs  ! Let me tell you all Orsons story ..While on holiday in Lithuania we find out that we finally expecting second baby that was huge surprise for us and my parents that we was visiting at that time but since then we started our ,,ROLLERCOASTER,,journey.. First me getting horrible infection once flew back to UK that i had to fight for myself and my baby at 8weeks gestation than just 3days after recovery i received call from my county that I lost my dad that means Orson lost his grandad without even having chance to know him and my other son who’s now 2years old lost his favourite person in the world . We need lots of strength and money to go back home again just after we been there to do my dad’s funeral that cost us all our savings and even more than that .. It wasn’t over yet months afterwards I received letters that i have Low PAPP a that it gives a lot of risks in pregnancy.. After months of crying day and night I was still trying to keep positive as all tests and ultrasounds looked okay but than my older son burn his feet second degree burns  just because someone left disposable BBQ buried under sand on the beach again i was crying day night and hoping that my baby is okay after all stress I'm giving him to deal with and constantly crying … just after my due date i got noro virus that took 5days in hospital to get me feel better and normalise babies heart beat and than I  was induced to finally have him in my arms …

Couldn’t wait to see him and same time was so scared that i done something wrong with all stress anxiety and not being able to eat and drink as I suppose .

But  believe me i shouted HES SO SO PERFECT when I saw him he is just more what i was dreaming of 💙 strong healthy boy that sleeps through the night since day one  and ALWAYS SMILING !!!! The only thing that is not perfect about him is his head shape and it’s already effected his ear to shift and one eye to bulge.We all know is just cosmetic but I just can’t leave it like this for all he has gone through he doesn’t deserve to be different from any other baby specially when I know there is possibility to get it fixed by this special helmet . And I just can’t deal with more stress and anxiety because of all what happened in the past year I have to stay strong for my babies but looking at his head and his face becoming non symmetrical breaks my heart and I can’t stop thinking about how will I be able to provide him helmet therapy… Our all savings went to my dads funeral I’m not able go back to work yet because of my babies . We have no family members in UK or friends that can help us financially and we can’t take any loans because that would be to risky and difficult for my husband to pay back on it’s own.

So PLEASE HELP ORSON GET HELMET  every single penny counts !!! 

Thank you very much for everyone who donated this mean world to us 💙

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