Please Help Aya to Walk

Thanks for taking the time to visit Aya's JustGiving page.

Aya is a beautiful 5 year old girl born 6 weeks premature. She was diagnosed at the age of 6 months with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy (diplegic pattern), which means Aya will never walk without surgical intervention. Also the pain and discomfort are becoming more of a struggle for her on a daily basis as her muscles are very tight.

Aya's only wish is to be able to walk like other children her age and play with her friends in school rather than sitting in her chair and watching them. Aya is unable to walk at the moment and crawls to move from place to place if she isn't in her chair. Despite her condition, Aya is an enthusiastic little girl that always has a big smile on her face. 

An assessment of Aya's condition at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London has revived our hopes for Aya with an operation called SDR (selective dorsal Rhizotomy) to enable Aya to live a life without pain along with being able to walk unaided and play with her friends and family and live the childhood and future prospects she deserves.

This has now left us in a situation where we are facing the almost impossible task of raising £50,000 personally which is required for Aya's surgery and physiotherapy required thereafter. To hear a child so young asking you "Why can't I walk and play ?" is absolutely heartbreaking. We have no choice but to do anything we can to raise the money for Aya's surgery.

Any donation is greatly received no matter how big or small. Please share Aya's story with as many people as you know - by doing so, you will all be playing a part in making Aya's dream become a reality.

Thank you so much.

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