Hello everyone,

We are the parents of Nolan Gurney.

We have been through battles with consultation through GP's and physio specialists in regards to Nolan who at 4 weeks old was diagnosed with Positional Plagiocephaly on the left side of his head which is very flat, which has impacted his ear positioning and left eye. it has been a massive decision for us emotionally and financially to go through treatment for Nolan as all parents we want the best start and future in life.

As mentioned we have been to GP's the health visitor and also specialists for advice on treatment for this condition but due to the fact this is only "cosmetic" this is not recognised by the NHS so support has not been offered. we have been told to carry on with positioning to relieve pressure from the flat area and make sure he does not spend too much time flat which we have been adhering to and has been a great struggle with no difference in the efforts we have made

Little Nolan is a very active and curious baby and loves cuddles from all especially his bigger brother. He is very active and always happy except when he has his moments but we love all his little attributes 

We have been for a scan and have now decided to go for a helmet which will correct his head as his condition was categorised as severe.

We do not want our son  to struggle later in life with this "cosmetic" issue, thankfully there are other people who feel the same and share these thoughts also.

We had a consultation with the company "Head4babies" who specialise in treatment of plagiocephaly and help babies like Nolan. they offer treatment for this in forms of a helmet for correction of the growth of the head with treatment lasting anytime from 4-6 months. this was recommended due to the severity of Nolan's condition at a cost of £2000.

The decision to go ahead with this treatment for us as parents we feel this is something Nolan deserves and should be like any other child and go into the world as normal and not have funny looks etc when older.

We do understand this is a lot of money and with what the world is facing with corona virus is a strain on all but we would be so grateful for any donations however small, we just want whats best for Nolan.

Thank you for taking the time of reading this page for Nolan it has been a great struggle to reach out and ask for help but this is our only option. if you would like to support our case there is no way enough we can say a massive thank you. 

We are eternally grateful, in the future we will aim to do fundraising for the charity of "HeadStart4Babies" as they have donated £500 to his treatment which is a blessing.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this.

Eric & Katarzyna, (the parents of Nolan)

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