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Harry is a lovely little 8 month old boy with severe bracycephaly

‘Harry is a lovely little 8 month old boy with severe bracycephaly. The condition Bracycephaly is best described as a flatness at the back of a head where the width of the head can be wider than the length.

Harry’s mum began to realise that his head was becoming flat at around 6 weeks and raised her concerns with his health visitor who advised mum to reposition, and that in time the flatness would round out. However mum grew increasingly worried as over time Harry’s head shape did not improve and in spite of repositioning, Harry’s head shape continued to deteriorate.

When Harry was 6 months old Harry’s mum took him to the GP as the flatness was really worrying her by now and they then referred him to a consultant at Addenbrookes hospital. Harry had a CT scan which ruled out the medical condition craniosyntosis, but his parents were told there was no more that the Nhs could do to correct his head shape. Harry’s parents felt really let down by the Nhs as the consultant himself agreed that Harry needed to have a helmet but they could not fund it!

Mum read about The Tree of Hope children’s charity just by chance whilst reading a newspaper article on the internet regarding a baby who was given money by the charity towards the funding of treatment for a helmet. The application process was very simple and quick, and within 6 days they were given the great news that the charity would pay all the money towards Harry having treatment. The Tree of Hope is a small yet wonderful charity offering hope to families who require specialist medical treatment. Jeremy from the Tree of Hope was quoted as saying “The Tree of Hope Children’s Charity is delighted that we were able to help Harry and we are thrilled that he is making such good progress.”

Harry’s parents chose to go to Technology in Motion as all the feedback from other parents on internet forums was extremely positive, they had also seen an episode of the channel 4 programme Embarrassing Bodies – Kids which featured TIM and this reassured them that Harry would be in the best hands for the course of his treatment.

At the assessment Harry’s head was measured and scanned and his cranial ratio was found to be 105%. A cranial ratio is the relationship between the width and length of a head with a normal cranial ratio sitting between 78 %and 83%. The aim of the treatment will be to hold the width of Harry’s head and allow all the growth out of the back of Harry’s head thus reducing the cranial ratio.

Mum stated that their clinician was brilliant with Harry and explained the process very clearly. The assessment was very relaxed – Harry was even having his lunch whilst being scanned!

Harry’s will be fitted with his helmet on Wednesday7th Dec and we will keep you updated with his progress.’

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