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Gracie’s hair to help Sophia

My name is Gracie I am 11 years old and I really want to help a little girl called Sophia. I have seen her story and it made me so upset all I wanted to do was give Sophia a hug and tell her it will be ok. Sophia has cerebral palsy and is in urgent need of an operation to help her walk. So I lay awake that night thinking of her and I can’t understand why the NHS won’t help her. The next day while brushing my hair I thought I needed to get it cut because it is so long and then I thought if I could be sponsored to do it I could give the money to Sophia. So this is what I’m doing and I’m also going to donate my hair to charity. I know it’s not much of a challenge but I’m very fond of my hair and have been growing it for 4 years. Sophia being able to walk one day is so much more important then my hair. Please give as much as you can every penny helps.

Please support Gracie

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