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Grace’s Progress

It’s now just 2 days until we return to the UK, so I thought I’d give you an update on how she has been doing.

Both her operations went well. The first (SDR) was moved forward to 24th Jan after another boy due to go in was too sick that day, and Grace stayed in hospital for 5 days, sitting up and doing gentle physiotherapy for the first time day 3 post-op. The second (to lengthen the tendons in her hamstrings / heel cords) took place on valentine’s day first thing in the morning, and she was discharged that same day by dinner time.

She has been doing daily physiotherapy for the last 3 weeks and is recovering well. She says the sensation in her legs has changed significantly when touched. The spacisity (tightness) that was there appears to have gone, and she has much greater flexibility.

On Monday, she managed to use her walking frame by herself for the first time. She managed a few steps with a different type of walker pre-op, but had never managed to use this sort of frame before so in just a few weeks she has already regained / surpassed her pre-op ability. Dr Park (who performed the SDR procedure) wants to see her moving on from a walking frame to stick-walking within 1 year, and maybe take some independent steps indoors within 3 years, and says she has good potential.

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