George Smith

We are raising money in various different ways to get George an Autism Support Dog form Supporting Paws. Tree of Hope are helping us to raise this so thank you to them.

George has been accepted for a support dog and we have made the first payment of £1,500 and they are looking to source his puppy between April-July 2020 and we will update this page when things get going.

George will benefit from having a support dog to help develop his communication and language skills as he is currently non-verbal and will be 6 in April. George seeks sensory input, especially deep pressure and the dog will help George to get this. George gets very frustrated and bangs his head and the dog will be taught to interact with him to distract him from doing this.

Any help that we can get will be very much appreciated, whether its help doing cake sales or participating in events and getting sponsership for doing so.

The total cost to get the support dog is £7,500 which we are well on our way to getting thanks to all of the generous donations so far. Thank you to everyone for your help.

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