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Tree of Hope ( is a registered charity which helps parents or guardians to raise money to benefit their sick or disabled child. Tree of Hope makes grant payments from these funds to pay for:

  • Medical treatment, including operations or drug treatment.
  • Therapy for physical or behavioural conditions.
  • Travel and accommodation needs associated with treatment or therapy.
  • Equipment to help the child manage or overcome his or her disability.
  • Modifications to the child’s home or vehicle to make them easier for the child to use.

There are more details on these in our Parents’ Charter. Tree of Hope’s Trustees have a statutory duty to ensure that the grant payments are made in accord with the charitable objects which have been registered with the Charity Commission, the body that regulates charities. The grant payments must be for the promotion of good health and relief of sickness of sick and disabled children and young people.

Tree of Hope staff are not medical or therapy experts and we are not in a position to recommend a particular treatment or therapy. We can tell parents about treatments or therapies that children with similar conditions have been recommended, but it is the parents’ or guardian’s decision to go ahead with treatment or therapy, in discussion with the child’s medical and therapeutic specialists. To ensure that the Trustees have fulfilled their obligations, we ask parents or guardians to sign the declaration below and return it to us at:

Tree of Hope, 43a Little Mount Sion, Tunbridge Wells TN1 1YP

If you have any concerns or would like any further information please feel free to contact us on

01892 535525 or by email at

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