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We are raising money for Tree of Hope to help our three year old daughter Roxy to have a pioneering operation that, quite simply will mean she can walk, something she will never be able to do unaided as things stand now. She has a condition called Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. This is our story.

Roxy was born in December 2010 with her twin sister Willow. Roxy and Willow were born 12 weeks early and weighed 2lbs 6 each at birth. The girls struggled to survive from the start, and had so many problems. 1 step forward and 2 steps back was our life for the next 3 months in NiCu.

At six weeks old Roxy was struggling to cope due to having a hole in her heart, and was transferred to Southampton hospital to have open heart surgery, she was away for 10 days before she was reunited with her twin sister Willow back at Poole hospital.

At 10 weeks old we were given the news that Willow had two holes in her heart, which was devastating news, and after being discharged from NiCu over 3 months old, Willow went on to have heart failure at home and has since had two lots of open heart surgery at Southampton hospital. Both girls came home on oxygen for a long time as they both have chronic lung disease.

Willow is now doing well.

As time went on we started to realise that Roxy wasn’t able to do things that Willow was doing and wasn’t reaching her milestones. In July 2012 Roxy was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Our world fell apart when the consultant told us she may never walk. At that time Roxy couldn’t do anything, she would just lie on the floor trying to roll over and trying to copy Willow. Now at the age of 3 and a half she is a happy little girl who can now sit up on her own unaided (though she may be a bit wobbly), crawl on all fours and has started to pull herself up to standing. She now has a Kaye walker, pods, and a Theraplay trike which she loves to ride.

This condition means her leg muscles are tense and rigid all of the time. This causes her pain, prevents her muscles from expanding and growing, and she cannot stand on her own. Through hours and hours of physiotherapy, daily stretches and this little girl’s perseverance, she is now walking with her Kaye walker, but not too far before she gets tired. Although this development is amazing for her independence and building strength, she walks with great effort and tires very quickly. The tension will never go and as she grows, her condition will become more evident. This will cause her pain and potentially deformities.  Many children with spastic diplegia are in wheelchairs during their school years.

Please help us to raise money for a life changing operation that will help Roxy to walk. The operation that is available is called SDR – Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, (an operation pioneered by an amazing doctor in St Louis, USA).This operation will relieve the tension and pain, prevent more invasive surgery later in life. We need to raise the money for the operation, intensive physiotherapy both post and pre op.

Roxy has a chance to be helped. Selective Dorsal Rhisotomy (SDR) is an operation developed in the United States that will relieve her of this tension, pain, and the need for some extensive orthopedic surgery. SDR will help her balance and be a step towards her walking independently.

Should we exceed the target amount (or if we do not raise enough funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reason) the funds raised will go to the general funds of Tree of Hope to assist other sick children.

Please help us to give Roxy the chance to play with Willow and run around with her.

Please help us find Roxy’s feet xxxxx Mummy

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