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Fat and grumpy

On May 4th 2013, ASD & Si finished Tough Mudder in two hours and a minute. Prior to this ASD was overweight and unfit after breaking his ribs doing judo, and Si was fat and grumpy. We therefore needed a challenge and trained hard for Tough Mudder, destroying the pack in the process.

Once that was over, we needed more. Anyone can do Tough Mudder, anyone can do a marathon – the reason we didn’t ask for sponsorship.

Not everyone can do an Ultramarathon. 100km/62miles/2.3 marathons is a challenge that will take us to our physical and mental limits. Prior to this, neither of us had ever run a competitive race nor ran more than 18 miles in training.

The next ten months will involve intense training, knowledge gathering from the experts and the London Marathon as a practice go.

Any support is appreciated, we’re bricking it, so please get in touch!


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