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Family needs to raise £28,000 to help ‘bunny-hopping’ Woolsington girl walk

Six-year-old Amélie Holden has multiple disabilities which leave her unable to walk, talk or feed herself due to an undiagnosed syndrome. She usually gets around the house by bunny-hopping and communicates by vocalising different noises.


She was recently lent an Innowalk – a machine a little like a cross-trainer which allowed her to walk. During the six-week trial, she walked 118 km – her personal best being 8 km in just two hours. Even in such a short time, her physiotherapists saw a huge difference in her strength and she can now cross the room holding just one hand.


Her family now want to buy Amélie her own Innowalk so that she can continue to improve both her strength and independence.


Mum Ros, 39, an accountant, said: ‘Amélie loved using the Innowalk and achieved so much with it. We’re really keen to get her her own equipment so that she can continue to progress. It is expensive but it will grow with her so should last her forever!’


‘Friends, family and the local community have been very generous with donations and taking on fundraising activities and we are currently about half way to reaching our goal. We are grateful to everyone for all their continued help – we can’t wait to get Amélie moving as soon as possible.’


Amélie and her four-year-old brother Freddy are taking part in the Mini Great North Run on Sept 11 – a 1.5km run for under-8s. Amélie is taking part in her wheelchair and Freddy will be running. If you would like to sponsor them, please visit


The family is being supported by children’s charity Tree of Hope which helps families fundraise for children like Amélie with healthcare needs and provides charity status to benefit from gift aid, corporate support whilst also providing donor reassurance.


Gill Gibb, Tree of Hope CEO said: ‘We’re delighted to be helping the Holden family with fundraising for Amélie. We wish Amélie and Freddy all the best in the Mini Great North Run!’


To donate to Nathalene’s fund, visit

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