Fundraising for Elliott

Elliott suffered from a condition just after birth called Kernicterus. This left him with permanent brain damage. As a consequence he has great difficulty in physical control and coordination of his body. This makes simple tasks to you and I such as walking and feeding a huge challenge for Elliott. We are always looking for additional therapies and support which help Elliott realise his full potential. For example the Footsteps Centre in Oxfordshire ( has provided intensive physiotherapy which has been invaluable. With this however comes a financial challenge (a 3 week intensive course costs £1500). Elliott has attended several times a year since 2011. Money raised would help us to continue this specific treatment as well as support his general development and independence.

Tree of Hope reserves to use these funds for any purpose stated in the parents charter, including but not limited to, medical treatment, surgery and therapies and related travel expenses, medical and exercise equipment, childcare, home adaptations and the cost of vehicles designed for the disabled

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