Elain's New Wheels & Ipad for school

Elain has a severe type of Congenital Heart Defect and 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome.

***UPDATE December 2016***

As we met and surpassed the target needed for Elain's new buggy in 2014 we still have a surplus of £400 in the pot that we have decided to use to purchase an educational and communication aid in the form of an ipad for Elain to use in school and at home :-)

As a result of her condition Elain easily gets very tired and breathless just moving around. She can stand and walk just not very far or for very long without getting tired, so most of the time she moves around in her BabyJogger Stroller.

The Jogger has served her well for almost 4 years. She has enjoyed the buggy very much, even whilst being pushed while mummy runs!

The time has come now though where Elain has outgrown her Babyjogger and needs a new buggy.

We have selected a fantastic upgrade in the form of a Special Tomato Jogger which should be suitable for the next 5 years at least as it carries a child up to the age of 8/9 and a weight of 50kgs.

We are grateful for any donation large or small towards the purchase of Elain's new Jogger. It will help her continue to enjoy her life to the full whilst also being able to spend quality time outdoors with her family :-)

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