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Eesa was born on the 23rd December 2012, much awaited,much wanted and very loved already. Any women that’s been pregnant can tell you the love for your child begins the moment you know you are pregnant it’s a miracle and a blessing from god. 

Eesa was born perfect and healthy just a little small at 5 lbs 11.

The first year of Eesa’s life was perfect he met all his milestones and everyone always commented on how lucky I was as he was happy to sit and play alone without fuss. After his first birthday I started to worry about his speech which had not developed though he did babble, when compared to his older sister I felt even more anxious. I went to the GP and Health Visitor several times however I was always made to feel I was an over anxious paranoid mother, I did finally get a referral when Eesa was 19 months after a struggle.

October 20th 2014 a day I will never forget, the day my son was diagnosed with Autism and global developmental delay,this day my life changed, all my dreams, hopes and aspirations for my sons future seemed so uncertain and very unlikely.

Eesa is a lovely smiley boy, who I feel I am losing slowly as he drifts further into his own world, I feel so helpless as Ican’t do anything to help him. 

Eesa has sensory issues which effects a lot of what he eats, he won’t eat anything with sauce or slime, he constantly runs back and forth, he rubs everything on his face and smells most things, he never responds to his name when called. His sleep is extremely broken, he wakes frequently and stays up for 2-3 hrs every night. He gets incredibly upset and frustrated when I have to change him, or stop him doing something or there is any transition, and understandably so as he has no awareness of time, and no realisation that he can continue later or tomorrow. 

It breaks my heart to see him so upset, he gets frustrated and angry when playing and I don’t know why, I try to play with him but he doesn’t seem to even realise I’m there and moves away, his sister craves for his attention as he ignores her the majority of the time. He communicates by screaming and crying, I cannot leave him with anyone as I can only try guessing what he wants and other family member get flustered and lost trying to handle him. Eesa has no understanding of anything I say, for example “come to mummy” or “no” this makes helping him incredibly hard as he doesn’t understand what is happening and why.

From the countless hours of research I have done I found out about Aba Therapy (applied behaviour analysis) which has been used since the 1960's. I have found hundreds of mums to highly recommend as well as the profoundly large number of research studies highlighting its effectiveness when used to help children with Autism particularly as part of early intervention. I cried when I found out about aba therapy as I realised there is help however it was beyond my reach due to the costs. I am putting everything I have into this and asking family for help to start the programme. Aba focuses on motivating children to learn. They use a hands on teaching approach when working with young children so that they experience that learning is fun and meaningful

Aba is the natural science of understanding and shaping a child’s behaviour to help them meet their potential.


This therapy is not available on the NHS, children / toddlers are being very badly let down. If children with autism were offered intensive therapy at a young age this would then save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds which is spent on sheltered and supported accommodation for adults with autism, autism needs early intervention to enable later independence and avoid dependence on the country, this is something I am very passionate about and will be working to raise awareness about in the future.

Aba is the therapy at the forefront for autism in America and is covered by health insurance, so it saddens me so much to see how far behind we are in enabling early intervention for autism, rather I have experienced many hurdles to simply get a diagnosis.

This is not easy to do as every parent wants to be able to provide for the children’s needs without seeking help however I just cannot do it, a full programme is extremely expensive £45,000 per year. I am willing to do whatever it takes to help my son, so there is no room for pride.

This quote summarises my plea and importance relating to time:

“Most mommies and daddies tell me “I thought there was a problem at 14 or 15 months...... and they told me let’s wait and see because sometimes some kids grow out of it.”  Well, that’s not a good answer. We’ve got to make the distinction between less important problems, where we can wait and see from core problems, which involve a lack of reciprocity and a lack of getting to know your world. For these Core problems, we have to act on it yesterday. We can’t wait 9 months, we can’t wait 2 months.”(Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., Child psychiatrist)

Please donate to help my son get a voice and gainindependence for later life.

Should we exceed the target amount or if we do not raise enough funds, or if they cannot be used for any other reason, the funds raised will go to the general funds of Tree of Hope to assist other sick children.

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