Ed's 50mile Run for Amy-Rose

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So, back to the being an idiot thing, I've signed up to run 50 miles.  I've never done anything like this kind of distance, so yeh, I'm an idiot

As if that didn't make me stupid enough, the race begins at sunset (17:59) and you have to complete by sunrise (06:52), so yup, that means running and navigating through the night around the Peak District - and I've since learned that I can't read a map or use a compass!

It's not all bad though, we compete the last weekend in October (25th) on the night the clocks go back, so we get an extra hour to complete it.  But on the other hand, there's no moon this night, so it will be pitch black - and who knows about wind and rain

But will all be worth it if we raise some money for a special cause.  Some of you will know Ceri-Ann and her beautiful little girl Amy-Rose, for those that don't, Amy-Rose went into shock during labour and technically died for 8 mins resulting in lack of oxygen to her brain

This lack of oxygen has left Amy with mild-moderate hearing loss, visual impairments, she has a feeding tube, has cerebral palsy/bad muscle tone

So, hopefully we can raise some money towards Ceri-Ann and Phil's fund for some treatments and equipment that may improve Amy's condition, improve Amy's standard of living - treatments that unfortunately aren't available on the NHS

Thanks for reading, and thanks for donating, if you would like to read more about Amy's story, here's a link - https://www.justgiving.com/amyrosesarmy/


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