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TOH_suvisomdienom_gelt-newTree of Hope operates a clothing recycling operation.

The income Tree of Hope receives from its recycling activities helps to fund medical treatment for sick UK children.

This recycling is also helping the environment because when clothes are thrown into the dust bin they either end up at the rubbish tip or are burnt in an incinerator. In addition chemicals used to colour the clothes are not contaminating the watershed. Lastly it takes ten times more energy to make a tonne of textiles than it does a tonne of glass. Most of us recycle our glass, so why not our clothes?

You may receive a plastic bag through your door asking for clothing donations. These plastic bags will include Tree of Hope logo so you can be confident where your clothing is going. Each bag will indicate a collection day and a hotline number in case of difficulty.

We have a legally binding contract with SOS clothes Limited (contact details below) We receive atleast £2000 from SOS Clothes Limited every month.

Licences are obtained from local councils.

Collectors carry identity badges and all collections are carried out with reasonable care, skill and due diligence.

We also ask for console games, sounvenirs, jewellery, toiletries and perfume.

Tree of Hope is a small charity and cannot employ large teams of people to raise funds for us and is, instead, very grateful for the volunteers and organisations such as those listed below who help us to raise funds for the children. We are constantly reviewing our fund raising activities and if you believe you can help us to help even more children, then please get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.

SOS Clothes Limited
134 South Street
Company No: 0656687
Tel: 01708 685073

Due to potential scammers donors are reminded to always check the validity of the charity bags or charity leaflets and if in doubt please call “Action Fraud” on 0300 123 2040.

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