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Offer your skills or services for money



If you don’t have one, create one for free using one of the links below, and keep an online ‘diary’ of your fundraising efforts. It’s a great way of getting the word out there.



If you want to raise lots of money, taking on a charity challenge is the best way to do it. We have a challenge for every ability, and it really couldn’t be more simple to get involved


Do it for charity

Tree of Hope offers a number of challenges organised by Skyline, the parent company of If you undertake one of our challenges, you will be allocated a fundraising page on this site:



Get stuck into your lofts and garages and bung all that clutter on Ebay. It’s a win-win!



Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your fundraising efforts amongst your friends. Plug your event mercilessly, and you’ll be surprised at how much you will raise!



Update your Google+ profile with all your fundraising activities regularly, and get those donations flooding in.


Head shave/Hair dye

Get sponsored to shave your head or to dye your hair in a funny colour


International Theme Night

Get your friends round to celebrate in the style of a different culture. Curry night with Bollywood dancing? Sombreros, chilly and tequila, anyone?


Just Giving

A Just Giving page is essential to your fundraising campaign. Word your page well, use engaging pictures, and link to all your social media for maximum exposure.



Host a karaoke night in your local pub/hall/club and charge people to take part



Promote your fundraising campaign to your business contacts and colleagues.


Match Giving

Lots of firms do this. If your employer doesn’t, it’s highly likely you know a person who’s does. Get them involved in fundraising and double your money.


Non-uniform day

Participants pay a donation to dress up or down for a day in work or school


Open House

Host an Open House or Open Garden event and charge an entry fee. You can sell refreshment and organise a treasure hunt for children to take part in.



Share pictures and or videos of your fundraising efforts with other users, and gain further digital publicity for your campaign.



Hold a quiz at your local and raise money for Tree of Hope


Race Night

Would you like to organise a Fundeo charity race night. They are great fun for all ages and each event can easily raise £1,000 !



It takes guts, but a challenge with the wow factor is a good way to get lots of quality donations. Find out how to skydive for Tree of Hope here:



Use this part blog part social networking site to document and promote your fundraising efforts


Unwanted presents sale

This one works especially well after Christmas!


Virgin Money Giving

Online portal for fundraising and donations


Walk, jog or run

Whatever your fitness levels and abilities, we have a challenge to suit. Check out our ‘Get Involved page’ for more info:


Xmas carol singing

Get your colleagues, or your kids and their school friends to sing some festive classics outside your local superstore, train station or sports centre.



Post videos of your fundraising efforts, and get people talking


Zzzzzz Slumber Party!

Grown-up slumber parties are all the rage! You could offer a small prize for the most outlandish pyjamas.

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