Connors Steps Forward

Connor was born premature at 28 weeks he only weighed 2lb 13oz after a long struggle we later discovered Connor had Cerebral Palsy this mainly effected his left side this stops Connor from walking he gets along at present by walking on his knees and using walking aides.We have been referred to Bristol hospital for the SDR operation this will help Connors mobility and independence, if this operation is successful this could lead to Connor taking his first unaided steps the operation is funded by the NHS but the operation itself would not be enough without the 2-3 years intense physiotherapy which we will have to do privately also we would like to send him to the Bobath centre in Cardiff which is 3 sessions over the 2 years which will give Connor the very best chance of making the SDR operation a success and help him get the full benefits and hopefully to see our son walk without any aides.

Connor has had the SDR operation he is 3 years post op he now walks independently without any braces he can now run to but still needs the physio and exercise he has every week he now does this by doing football and swimming as connor is growing he finds his legs get tighter and this can cause his legs to be very painful so each week he has a massage to help ease the pain the SDR operation has helped connor so much and he is still progressing and is a very determined little boy who just wants to play with all the other children.

After Connors had his treatments and any funds left over will go to help other children with Cerebral Palsy

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