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Colby's Hemangioma

This Is our son Colby and he has currently a very large hemangioma on his right eye and eyelid. A hemangioma is a benign and usually self-involuting tumour, swelling or growth of the endothelial cellsthat line blood vessels, and is characterised by increased number of normal or abnormal vessels filled with blood.Unfortunately we cannot get this removed on the NHS or even in the UK. Colby has been on medication which should normally shrink a hemangioma but it hasn’t worked which means that our only option is to travel to New York to the Vascular Birthmark Institution, a hospital which only specialises in the removal of hemangioma’s and vascular birthmarks, to have this professionally removed. If this isn’t removed properly it could result in Colby losing his eyesight and he would be left with a horrific scar.Thank you all again for taking the time to donate and read this :)

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