Claudia dreams of walking

Hello, my name is Claudia. 

I was born on 28.04.11 in London, and after several tests I was diagnosed with Tetralegia Celebral Palsy. When I reached the age of 2, I started having epilepsy attacks which were followed by days spent at the hospital and caused delays in my development. My last epilepsy attack resulted in intubation even after doctors spent two hours trying to stop the seizure. 

I still cannot sit without the assistance of my family, or walk even though I would really like to. Rehabilitation with my mum is a part of my daily routine however, this is not enough. The doctors say that I will need intensive rehabilitation and the use of specialist equipment, so that I can walk like other children. 

I would love to play, laugh and learn like any other 3 year old and for now, I take every day as it comes. I know that even most basic movement I make on my own brings huge pride, hope and smile to my parent's faces.

My parents would like to take me to a neuro-rehabilitation centre however, they will not be able to do so without your help. Every donation from you will bring me closer to achieving my dream of a more independent life. 

Thank you xx 

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