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Chris n Sher Tough Mudders!

Trust us, it’s not your average challenge for charity! Don’t believe us? Read on, we dare you!

After recent health issues this year for both of us, we set personal fitness goals to live a healthier life, to better ourselves and to make a difference where we can. With that difference we wanted to challenge ourselves with an event, something to really test us and have it supported by a great cause that affects so many lives and touched ours.

What better way than to participate in the world’s toughest challenge in support of kids facing the toughest challenges.

The challenge itself is a course based over 10-12 miles, designed by the hardest military corp in the world, the SAS. With wires hanging and power surging to the tune of 10,000 volts to the smallest confined spaces in water filled trenches; this is by no means a walk in the park. This is hell on Earth!!

This is our first charity raising event, happening in Skipton, September 2013 and we would like all our friends, family and their friends and family, associated businesses and anyone else you know of who’s interested in seeing us slug it out on the world’s toughest course to donate. There’s not a donation too small, whether that be the pennies at the end of your salary, a couple of quid/bucks you normally spend on a coffee or a couple of zero’s at the end of that for the high rollers out there. It all accumulates, it all goes into one pot and it all makes a massive, massive difference (so much so we said it twice!). What makes it even better is that our employers have agreed to match fund every single pound and every single buck raised plus. Don’t forget the additional amount from gift aid!

If you want to donate in sponsorship of us or for the kids of Tree of Hope, or simply because you fancy a quids worth seeing us being shocked, muddy and jumping from great heights we both just ask that you would help us achieve our target to keep us motivated to complete the challenge.

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