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Cheeky Teddy!

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Meet Teddy, he is 6 years old and is a happy, cheeky little boy with an adoring character who lights up any room.

Teddy was diagnosed with bilateral Cerebral Palsy at the age of 3, affecting all four limbs, predominantly his legs. Teddy’s Cerebral palsy means, he requires daily physiotherapies. His epilepsy is poorly controlled, which can impact his daily life, and hinders his chance of alternative procedures and at the moment are limited to only physiotherapy.

Teddy and his family onboarded with Tree of Hope this year to raise money for an Innowalk that will help him gain strength to hopefully give him the chance of walking unaided to lead as independent a life as possible. To help continue Teddy’s private physiotherapy, as long with the Innowalk, the family have a fundraising target of £75,000.

Teddy’s Mum Nicola and family have been super busy with their festive fundraising and looking after Teddy when he hasn’t been well. As a special treat, Teddy recently got the honour of switching on the Christmas Lights in County Durham and has captured the hearts of many in his local area. Sounds like a we have a little celebrity in the making!

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