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The Advance Centre is in East Grinstead West Sussex and is a teaching institute for parents. Families are welcomed together with their children including brothers and sisters, in the warm, friendly environment of the Advance Centre. There is a soft play area and cooking facilities. Siblings can either watch the therapy instruction or entertain themselves safely and happily near by.

Parents become students learning all the essential practices to continue the restorative work with their children at home. From its creation in 1996, the charity has dedicated itself to finding a way to not only advance the abilities of children with cerebral palsy and other brain injuries, but to actually reverse the structural and functional abnormalities.

Parents are taught specific exercise techniques which use gentle, rhythmic pressure to strengthen the weak tissue structures of the diaphragm and other respiratory muscles. Gradually applying the pressures to increase the oxygen supplies to the joints of the arms, legs and pelvis also become part of the process. The exercises are non-invasive, pleasant and relaxing with no discomfort caused to the child or parent.

Families who visit the Advance Centre, from all over the world, show consistent and predictable improvement as the therapy progresses.

Parents find it so rewarding to become their child’s own therapist – all parents can learn the therapy and all children benefit. It is the natural most effective way to Advance your child.

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