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St Louis Hospital in Missouri is where Dr. Park performs an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR).

He has performed this operation on over 2000 patients with 100 % success rate.

The operation, in simple terms cuts the dead nerve endings away from the spine to allow the ones that do work to perform more effectively. This will improve the child’s posture and will enable them to get their feet flat to the floor which could help them walk without aid.

The SDR service is also performed in the UK at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children in London by Mr Kristian Aquilina Paediatric Neurosurgeon, who has worked with Dr TS Park in St Louis.

The centres in the UK offering SDR are:

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

Leeds General Infirmary

Portland Hospital for Women and Children

University Hospitals Bristol

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