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Support Dog for Poppy

Poppy and her family made the decision to get a therapy dog through Supporting Paws and haven’t looked back since. Poppy has ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism and for a long time their family life was strained due to Poppy’s conditions.

Poppy never liked being out side, going out as a family has been both challenging and rare, and simple everyday things like walking to the park or going to the shops were a struggle for the family, so something needed to change.

Since new family member Bailey has been around, every aspect of their lives has improved. “It was hard going at first having a dog as there was a definite adjustment period which Poppy found quite difficult, but once that period was over, things have just got better and better.”

“Poppy always hated sitting or touching grass, now she willingly lays on it with Bailey by her side – this was a huge moment for Poppy!” The family can enjoy days out together, walks to the local park,
the things all of us take for granted.

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