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Ella’s Innowalk

Ella has Scoliosis, dystonia and an undiagnosed genetic condition. In February 2017 Ella’s family joined Tree of Hope and started their campaign to raise £12,000 for a specialist piece of equipment called an Innowalk.

Ella’s Mum Sue realised Ella was not developing in the same way
as other children as an infant, and her family received the devastating news that Ella’s brain was damaged. This meant that she would unlikely be able to walk, sit or talk unaided.

As Ella’s condition is undiagnosed, she and her family are a part of
a SWAN DVD study and the 100,000 genome project.

The Innowalk is hugely beneficial to each child as each one is
adapted depending on the child’s needs and condition. Sue told
us ‘The mechanics in all the Innowalk’s are essentially the
same but each one is adapted specifically to each child’s
needs. The company also come and re-adapt them every two to three months to ensure they are right as the child grows.’

Ella’s family took on their fundraising involving challenges, including a 10K race, a mountain climb and a boxing match, which thanks to the kindness of supporters, friends and family and a donation from a foundation which covered 50% of the total amount!

Thanks to Ella’s Innowalk, she continues to strengthen her muscles and improve her respiratory system to enable her to participate more in family life and activities.

Sue told us, “Tree of Hope has helped my family’s dream become possible.’’

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