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Cardigan Tea Towels

Dear Tree of Hope,

On the 20th November 2013, the Cardigan Charity Fundraising Appeal was formed and held its first meeting at the Red Lion in Cardigan. A small committee of 7 people convened whose objectives are to raise money for good deserving causes.

It was put forward in the first meeting that our first project would be to produce two tea towels in aid of the Tree of Hope and Cilgerran Primary School. It was decided to get 20 sponsors to advertise on each tea towel. With great enthusiasm we endeavoured to get our sponsors and by January 2014, 40 sponsors had been sought.

The tea towels were duly delivered to the school and we are pleased to report that sales are progressing well.

The Tree of Hope was proposed as a beneficiary of our fundraising efforts as one of our committee member’s son, Theo Weir, received help from Tree of Hope. He was diagnosed as having Brachycephaly (flat head syndrome) and needed a helmet to aid his recovery. Tree of Hope helped this young family in their hour of need and they will be forever grateful to you for your help.

Theo you will be pleased to know is now fully recovered and a busy little boy.

We continue to support worthy causes and have raised over £7,000.00 in our first year.

Pictured Left to Right Fran Weir Mum and committee member and Theo, Paul Davies Chairman, Tricia Davies Treasurer, Pam Morris Secretary.

Yours Sincerely


Paul Davies

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