A calming canine companion for Daisy

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We are fundraising with Tree of Hope to get our dog Molly to become an autism assistance dog for Daisy. Here is Daisy’s story:

“In June 2021, not long after my tenth birthday, I discovered that I was autistic. Being autistic means that my brain works in a different way to most people. Sometimes, there is so much going on around me that my brain malfunctions, I can easily get overwhelmed and become dysregulated.

Some of the things that overwhelm me are noise, being in crowded spaces, the feeling of clothes on my body and other sensory overloads. I also find changes to my routine and transitioning between activities really hard. I find the social aspects of friendships really difficult and struggle when people aren’t loyal.

When I’m dysregulated, I can end up having an autistic meltdown. It feels like my brain has run out of space and can’t take in any more of anything.  I often have no memory of it happening, but after a meltdown I am drained of energy. My eyes will be stinging. I will still feel very sensitive and things can still trigger me very easily for a while after. Sometimes, if I’m getting a number of meltdowns almost daily, it can lead me to burnout and I just can’t function at all.

There are good things about being autistic – I have an amazing  memory, I can hyperfocus on activities and I love being creative. I have a strong sense of social justice and I feel for people who aren’t treated fairly. I also love animals and get on really well with them, especially dogs!”

Molly arrived into our family in December 2021 as a four-month old puppy. She bonded with Daisy immediately and they quickly became best friends. Daisy says “When she’s calm, it’s calming for me. Just running my fingers through her fur helps me relax. She is very comforting when she sits or lies on me - she’s got a nice warmth, just right (not like a boiling hot day).  I love playing with her as it helps to take my mind off things that I find hard, like being in school.”

Molly is a very special dog – she is an Australian Cobberdog and with the right training through Pawsable, a specialist training provider, she could become an excellent autism assistance dog for Daisy. She would then be able to help her in many ways, like giving her an early warning alert ahead of a meltdown, seeking her out and comforting her before things spiral out of control. She could apply deep pressure therapy to Daisy, and accompany her everywhere – not just on fun adventures but to places that she currently really struggles with and sometime has to avoid completely like shops, museums, public transport and school.

We would be very grateful for any donations to get Molly trained. You will be helping to make Daisy’s dream come true of having a calming, loyal companion by her side to support her through the many challenges she faces every day.

7.5% of all donations to Tree of Hope in relation to this appeal will be allocated to the general charitable purposes of Tree of Hope to cover our core operating costs.

If we raise insufficient funds, or surplus funds, then the funds will be used, if appropriate, to fund support for our child’s needs in accordance with Tree of Hope’s charitable objects. If in those circumstances we are unable to use all or part of the funds for the benefit of our child in accordance with Tree of Hope’s charitable objects, then any funds that cannot be used will be transferred to be used for the general charitable purposes of Tree of Hope.

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